Our Services

We can provide wines from all over the world (private estates or tailor-made wines)

Our network is international, our producers mid-size, quality producers,
our image-creation agencies (i.e., label design) experts and leaders in their field.
We adapt our strategy to the needs and expectations of our clients.
We also provide translation services and follow up to our clients.
Our mission is to only provide practical advice that yields discernible results.

Taillor-made Wines

To give you a brief and simple example of how we facilitate business:
Company A, for example, the importer, is looking for an entry level Bordeaux under its PB label (Personal Brand).
PW will start by proposing to the importer different blendings from our partners (and according to the retail price expected) , packaging, type of cork, type of cap seal, and bottle shapes and weights (heavy to light).
The creation and presentation of different types of labels (created ourselves with the assistance of a graphic designer) comes next. Then, the project will proceed.
We will also provide clients with timely, professional translation services.
For such a tailor-made project, the minimum order requirement is 1,000 cases of 12 bottles for mid- and entry-level wines.
For high-end wines, a careful screening will be done to determine the required volume.


France , Spain , Italy , Germany , Argentina , Chile , Uruguay , Australia , New Zealand …
We will introduce you to some independent estates and help you to create a portofolio of wines. >>read more

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